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Wire Rope Cutters

Simm Hydrashear wire rope / cable / tube & reinforced bar cutter

Each of our wire rope cutters are designed with cutting edges that grip perfectly with the rope and prevent untwisting of the rope end. We supply a range of quality wire rope cutters for any type of job, including tools designed to cut through an array of wire rope diameters.

Hydraulic Wire Rope Cutters

Advanced hydraulic wire rope cutters feature a built-in hand pump that make cutting steel wire ropes quickly and with ease. For these tougher jobs, our powerful wire rope cutters include blow pistons that allow for easy positioning of the rope in the tool. Simm range of hydraulic wire rope cutters and cable cutters are designed for remote cutting operations with double acting cylinders and a concaved edged single blade cutting system to ensure a clean and full cut of the finest and toughest cable and wire rope. We have the perfect tool to cut hard-drawn wire including steel, copper and aluminium wires as well as electric cables and multi-wire ropes. Recommended in manufacturing/mining/demolition and offshore subsea engineering.

Model No. Output (Tonnes) Wire Rope (mm) Cable (mm) Weight (Kg) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
MF38 36 38 38 30 400 155 270
MF63 80 63 63 60 450 200 390
MP90 80 90 90 70 515 200 390
MF114 120 114 114 95 570 280 445
  • Working Pressure 700 bar
  • Double acting design
  • Cuts wire rope and steel bar
  • Open jaw design cutting head for easy access to the material to be cut
  • Max cutting capacity 114mm
  • No set up time required
  • Easily replaceable blades
  • Very robust and strong construction manufactured in the UK
Wire Cutter