Simm Sevabolt hydraulic bolt cutters

Simm Mining Products offer a range of Hydraulic Bolt Cutters, which can be operated by a hand pump (700bar), electric or compressed air driven power packs. They can also be operated from a lower pressure source via the Simm Intensifier.

Our units offer fast action cutting with spring return, along with built in safety overload pressure relief valves. The blades on these bolt cutters are heat treated and of high strength to ensure a long life, and are suitable for roof, floor bolts and bolt cutting on salvage operations.

Simm’s SB1 model has a 25 mm capacity and makes light work of cutting through bolts and steel bars. Blades are easily replaceable and no set up time is required. If you are looking for something slightly more heavy duty then the SB6 model has a 35 mm capacity.

Model Capacity (mm) Weight (Kg) Spare Blades
SB1 25 18 SB7
SB6 35 25 SB9
  • Working Pressure 700 bar
  • Single acting, spring return
  • Cuts bolts and steel bar
  • Max cutting capacity 35mm
  • No set up time required
  • Easily replaceable blades
  • Very robust and strong hydraulic bolt cutters, construction manufactured in the UK
Bolt Cutter

For more information on our Hydraulic Bolt Cutters please don't hesitate to contact our experienced team on the phone number provided.

Simm-Pul hydraulic haulage units

Versatile pulling units suitable for unlimited applications including moving underground plant and equipment for use in deep mines or other industries and environments where conventional pulling environment or winches are unavailable and cannot be accommodated.

Pulling Unit Pulling Unit Pulling Unit

Used in a variety of industries including the erection of the roof of the Millenium Dome (now O2 Arena) here 36 x 6 tonne Simm-Pul units were used simultaneously to raise the roof into position.

SP6 6 Ton SP12 12 Ton
Overall Length (mm) 1430 2000
Overall Assembled Height (mm) 450 500
Simm-pul Unit (Kg) 59 165
Swivel Anchor Post And Value (Kg) 44 95
Wire Rope Diameter 16.3 22.3
Wire Rope Minimum Breaking Strain (Tonnes) 18 36
  • Any length of pull governed only by length of rope
  • Self articulating anchor posts swivels through 360°
  • Automatically self locking jaws grips
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Overload pressure relief valve
  • Manually operated control valve
  • Each unit tested to 50% overload
  • Manufactured in the UK
Simm Pull

Simm high flow hydraulic intensifiers


Extensively used with our range of chain and bolt cutters. The unit utilises the hydraulic pressure to boost pressure to the required level. It's ratio of intensification is 6.5:1 and the unit is protected by both an inlet pressure relief valve (up to 350 bar) and an outlet pressure relief valve (655 bar) to avoid overload. The unit is fully portable (weight 13kg) with inlet and exhaust thread. Operating instructions are provided but is simply achieved by closure of exhaust valve handwheel and the simultaneous raising and depressing of the valve lever until full travel is achieved. Pressure is relieved by opening the exhaust valve handwheel.

Simm Power Pack

The AH205 is of rugged all steel construction suitable for underground use and is protected by a stainless steel roll cage. The unit is double acting and ideal for operating the Simm range of MF rope cutters and cable cutters and for all double acting applications e.g. hydraulic rams, presses, hand tools etc...

New Weight 41 kg Overall Height 45cm Overall Width 28cm
A full range of power packs are available on request

Simm hydraulic pumps

Vavle Type Usable Oil Capacity (Litres) Model Number Pressure Rating (Bar) Oil Displacement Per Stroke (Litres) Pump Type Weight (Kg)
2 Way 1.0 HP110 700 2.3 S/A 5.6
2 Way 0.45 HP145 700 2.3 S/A 4.6
2 Way 1.0 HP210 700 13 / 2.3 S/A 6.0
2 Way 2.3 HP227 700 13 / 2.3 S/A 10.5
4 Way 2.3 HP227D 700 13 / 2.3 D/A 12.5
  • Two-speed operation for reduced operator fatigue (except P-39)
  • 4-way valving on the 9-84 and P-464 for operation of double-acting cylinders
  • External load release valve on remaining models for single-acting cylinder operation
  • Internal pressure relief valves for overload protection
  • Large oil capacities to power a wide range of cylinders or tools